Speak Up or Shut Up

I’ve been here in Crown King with Sun 3 (the Fire Management Team from the Denver campus of AmeriCorps NCCC) for almost four weeks and the project is slowly coming to an end.  In a few short days, we will find ourselves back in Denver for transition week, then off with our shuffle round teams, scattered across the Mid-West. 

Coming onto a new team, halfway through a project has been an interesting experience and a challenge at the same time.  I’ve had the privilege of serving alongside an amazing group of individuals (Sun 7) and got to go through S-190 and S-130 (Wildland Firefighter Training) with the Fire Units Fire Management Team (Fire 2).  I’ve gotten to see both good and bad sides of people, teams, and different organizations. 

Something that I learned over this round (and over the past couple years) is that if you come into a situation and see something that isn’t right then you have an obligation to speak up.  If you don’t say anything, then you need to shut up. 

I know this may sound a little abrupt and rude, but let me explain.  When you notice a situation that is dangerous, makes you uncomfortable or you know is wrong, you need to tell someone in charge.  If you don’t, then you relinquish your rights to complain. 

I know this hard because, as Americans, we like to complain about everything.  Our society has been built so people can complain about everything and anything, and people will listen to them. 

But unless you speak up about a situation, I feel that you have no voice to complain about the way the world is. 

I’m sorry to rant and rave, but I needed to get that off my chest…

God Bless and PEACE


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