Every day we find ourselves facing questions from every direction.  Questions about our faith, about how we live, about why we love, about why we do what we love to do.   I have come to find that the hardest questions are never asked by others, but come from the heart. 

In the past couple days, Matt, the team leader for the Fire Management Team (Sun 3) with AmeriCorps NCCC asked each member on the team a series of questions.  The initial answers bring forth more thoughts, questions and discussions. 

Why did you join NCCC?

I Joined AmeriCorps NCCC to explore, experience and develop both as a leader and as a man of faith. 

There were many factors that led me to joining this organization;  The opportunities to grow as an individual, to serve those in our own country, the chance to be part of something that is so much more than myself.  I find that I joined for more than something to do or for the $5,500 to help pay off student loans, but for adventure, the opportunity to grow and to experience something new. 

Why are you still here?

I am still here because I made a commitment to, first and foremost, myself and to various others to see these ten months through.  It is out of respect for them that I have not pursued other opportunities that have come up in the past several months. 

I am here to grow as an individual.  I accepted this position and no matter how tough it may get, I am willing to finish what I started.  I gave my word to a number of people in this program that if they gave everything and hung in there, I would stand side by side with them until the end of our service.  I have no plans on backing out of my word, even if greater opportunities arise.  Some have already risen to the surface, while others have always been an option, even before I started in the NCCC. 

What would you be doing if you weren’t here [in AmeriCorps NCCC]?

If I were not here, I would most likely be doing missionary work in Africa or pursuing opportunities in Grad. School or photography. 

To tell the truth, I don’t know what I would be doing if I were not in AmeriCorps NCCC.  I had opportunities to do missions work throughout Africa that were already lined up.  I could have gone into Grad School.  I could have gone and worked with a non-profit.  The point is that I didn’t.  I’m here and this is where God put me, I truly have no interest at looking back at what could be, or what could have been. 

[What is] A quality that you admire in others?

The one quality that I admire most in others is the ability to listen with more than their ears, but with all their senses.

This includes, but is not limited to, paying attention to body language, tone of voice and the silence between words.  Listening is actively paying attention to the actions (or inaction) of those around you, the environment and community that encompasses the individuals involved, how the words (or lack of words) is said.  This is what I admire in people, and more specifically in leaders. 

[What is] Something you’re thankful for this found?

I am thankful for all the support and love that I received from my team (Sun 7) and numerous others both in and out of the NCCC program as I have made the transition to the Fire Management Team. 

Though I am on Sun 3, the Fire Management Team, I still consider Sun 7 my team.  They have become my family here in AmeriCorps NCCC.  They have given me more support, encouragement and love than I could ever repay.  There are numerous others thought out the different teams and units, as well as a number of friends outside the program.  Without the support and strength of all these people, I would not be the same man I am today. 

Questions are healthy, they allow us to grow and figure out what is important in life. 

God Bless and PEACE


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