Ghost Towns and Forgotten Faces

A few short days ago, I joined Sun 3, the Fire Management Team for the Sun Unit, up in Crown King, AZ.  The town of 100+ people is a small living ghost town up the side of the mountain, Saloon, General Store and the Prospector Mall all included.  To get here, you must brave the 24 mile drive off of I-17, over dirt roads, up the mountain and into the middle of nowhere.  It’s basically two stores, a fire station, the forest service, the Saloon (bar and cafe w/ internet) and a handful of houses and other buildings. 

Crown King is almost forgotten to the world.  Once a bustling city of 1200+ people, it now has less than ten percent of its once glory days population.  If it weren’t for the Fire Department and Forest Service, I doubt that there would be anyone would still be living up here. 

(note:  The General Store has some of the best home-made fudge.  The 45 min drive is worth it just to have some.)

The human memory is fractured and shrouded in darkness.  Like Crown King, we forget things.  It isn’t that we try to forget, but snippets just go missing over time.  Names come first, then come their faces.  Places and events.  Nothing seems to stay forever. 

Though we will forget who these people are, their actions will always be engraved into our lives.  Like a fire that burns across the mountains, the scars can forever be seen.  The towns still dot our landscape, though ghosts are the only ones that dwell there.  memories of a time long past. 

Actions are what will remain when our names and faces are long forgotten to time.  So what will be your legacy?

Just something to think about.

God Bless and PEACE

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