The Art of Shoveling Snow

On monday night, the storm of the century hit, leaving over half the country in an icy grip of snow and ice.  For the past three days, the AmeriCorps NCCC teams Sun 7 and Fire 3 have been snowed into the recreation center where we are living in Tulsa, OK.  Yesterday, we ventured out into the unknown, armed with pots, pans, trash cans, brooms and other improvised shoveling devices.  With a determination to escape, we attacked the 13+ inches of snow that prevented us from leaving our current domain.

After preparing ourselves mentally and physically for the assault, bundling up in as many layers as possible, we grabbed whatever could move snow and led the charge out onto the ice, snow and the unknown.  We used everything from trash cans, pots and pans, bowls, milk jugs and dust pans, as well as two garden shovels, a broom, a hoe and a borrowed snow shovel from a neighbor who was kind enough to allow us to use it. 

After two days of being stuck inside, it felt great to venture out into the cold, crisp, fresh air that surrounded us.  We fought the good fight against the snow and ice, relishing in victory and enjoying one another’s company. 

We experienced team building, overcoming challenges (like the fact of no shovels), and persevered in the face of challenge through relying on one another.  We also enjoyed the snow fights, the snow angels and face planing into the fresh snow that covered the ground.  And after putting snow chains onto the vans and moving them closer to the street, we all rushed inside to escape the onslaught of the cold air that seeped though all our layers and was now biting at our skin. 

God Bless and PEACE


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