Two Monkeys Uncle

About two and a half years ago, my sister married her highschool sweet-heart and they headed out the middle of nowhere (aka: Minot, ND).  On the day of their wedding, my younger brother helped to decorate the get-away / escape car, painting “Honk for Nephews!!” on the passenger side window.  (funny side story:  They didn’t take this car onto the honey moon, instead, my brother drove it back to the house after the reception dinner.  He got honked at.)

For the past two years, they have lived happily on their own, buying a house, moving off base and enjoying the simple life of being in the Air Force (easy compared to the life my sister led before that with our dad in the Army). 

(side note:  you can read their adventures by clicking Kat and Matts Blog under the blogroll or by clicking here)

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call telling me that I was soon to be an Uncle, come September.  This was exciting enough.  About a week or two later, while working with the Community Action Project of Tulsa, Inc. doing intake surveys for Tax Preparation, I get an excited voice mail saying “Sean!  Call me back!!”

Before I call my sister back that night, I check my e-mail to find one saying “Yup, its twins!!” 

After a couple of days worth of phone tag, I was finally able to congratulate her.  Her side of the story can be found here.

So, I’m gona be an Uncle for twins.  A first for the Kerr family, as far as I know.  Now, I get to plan on how to spoil these two little ragamuffins!


God Bless and PEACE


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