The Collision of Faith and Society

Over the years I’ve come to the understanding that my faith and the way I live my life leads me in a collision course with the ways of the world.  I’ve come to notice it more since I’ve joined AmeriCorps NCCC, in the way I interact with people, in how others act, in how we talk and walk, in our differences in the way we live. 

As a follower of Christ, I have high standards for how I live my life.  In how I live, work and relate to others.  I have high expectations for others, for myself, for leaders and for teams and communities. 

In following Christ, we not only have all the rules of religion (the Ten Commandments and the Laws of the Prophets seen in the Old Testament), we have standards of faith.  Look at the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 6 and 7), Jesus calls us to live above the laws of the prophets.  And yet, I find that many people strive for so much less. 

Our society doesn’t even strive for the law, let alone the calling of Jesus to go above and beyond.  Look at his words against murder (Matt 5:21-11), adultery (v. 27-28) and divorce (v. 31-32), just to name the first three of a long list.  He calls us to strive for something more, but I find that many Christians, those who call themselves followers of Jesus, don’t even strive for the laws of the prophets. 

I see to many people going out each night going out to drink and to get drunk.  That is their goal, to get trashed.  I hear so many people saying that they have faith, then they turn around and crack jokes about Jesus, disrespecting everything that they live for.  Adultery, divorce and sexual relations outside marriage have become societal norms, and we Christians have adopted them saying that “Our culture is different from that in which Jesus was talking to.”  We make excuses.  We convince ourselves that it doesn’t apply to us. 

Like everyone else, I am far from perfect.  I am a sinner.  I have made mistakes.  I will continue to make them until the day that I die.  But that doesn’t give us the ‘right’ to wallow in our sin.  despite the fact that we are imperfect, we should strive for perfection. 

We call ourselves Christians, followers of Christ, so our lives should reflect that of Christ, Jesus.  I attempt to live so that my faith is relevant to my life.  I try to live out my faith.  And in doing so, I find myself farther and farther away from many of those that are around me. 

I don’t drink.  I don’t do drugs.  I refrain from putting myself in certain situations that could jeopardize my integrity.  I refrain from going to bars for this very reason.  I try to respect those that I work for and with.  At times, I hold my tongue despite what I really want to say to people.  I try not to call people out in a group, to back them into a corner. 

I try to pray.  To reflect on things that have passed and things that have yet to come.  I have learned to enjoy the silence, because that is when I feel most at peace with God.  I see things differently.  I try to focus on God first. 

As Christians, we should be focusing on God in everything we do.  This will set us apart from everyone else. We are different.  It should reflect in the way we live our lives. 

Our faith and the world should be at constant war with one another.  When the conflict seems to fade, something is wrong.  Following the life example of Jesus will lead you into battle and into a daily sacrifice of your own life.  It will lead you to death, so that you may find life. 

God Bless and PEACE


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