Striving for Something More

Today we headed back to medians, moving mulch from the piles where it was dumped and spreading it around the trees in the area.  While it is not the most glamorous of jobs, it felt good to be back in the habit of hard work, shoveling and wheel barrowing tons of mulch.  For me personally, I was just glad to get away from all the poison ivy. 

Each and every person on the team has worked one-hundred and ten percent, each and every day.   We have struggled through waking up before the sun rises, long hours of labor that seem pointless, and learning how to deal with the stress that comes from days of continuous work that never seems to have an end.  We have learned to work as individuals and as a cohesive unit, how to spot invasive species and the importance of lunch-time naps. 

We have worked together for four weeks and even though we have learned to work well as a team, we still hit snags.  We argue over which end of the median we should do first, whats the best way to spread mulch, and whether or not an action is necessary or just a waste of time.  Sometimes we talk it out, other times we raise our voices.  We argue and bicker amongst ourselves, but we have learned to listen to one another. 

Some words were said today that caused a bit of a disturbance.  Words can be extremely powerful, both in a positive and negative ways. 

One of the team called another out, saying that they were not working hard enough, that they were slacking off and that they should try harder.  (note: I did not hear what was said, but I heard and saw the impact of this statement.) 

This got me thinking, do we judge others work based on our own?  If we do, what do we base our own work off of? 

Too many times I find myself looking at the work someone else is doing and saying “They are doin’ nothin’ compared to what I am doing.”  Then I write them off as slow workers, incompetent or just plain lazy.  Unfortunately, I don’t happen to see the whole picture.  If I could I just may see the fact that they are working as hard as they are physically able, but because the differences between them and me, our pace, work ethic and motivation does not line up. 

I strive to work my hardest each and every moment because my faith calls me to be excellent in all that I do.  God’s call to follow Him goes beyond the walls of a church building, but into our daily lives.  To follow Christ is to example our own lives off of his own.  He glorified God, his (and our) Father in everything that he did.  We should too. 

We should not be basing anything that we do off of any other human, but we should be looking and striving to God for our bar of excellence. 

I will be the first to admit that, despite all my efforts, I still have bad days.  There are days where we just don’t want to be working.  Sometimes it’s too hot (or cold).  Sometimes we are bored with what we are doing.  We find ourselves wishing we were somewhere else.  We ache.  We are sore.  We are sick and tired of mulching medians.  But it is our job.

Be excellent in all you do.  Not for your own sake, so that your actions will glorify God. 

God Bless and PEACE


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