Open Christians

There was a time when being Christian ment certain death.  In places around the world today, you confess your faith in Christ and you are signing your life away.  Rome put hundreds of thousands to the sword because they would not deny their faith.  Christians are persecuted left and right all around the globe because they have spoken out.  They are beaten.  They are tortured.  They are killed.  And yet many in the American church refuse to speak about their faith. 

To many Christians go through their lives not living like they are following Christ.  They do good deeds, but when asked, they make up lame excuses like ‘good karma’ and ‘do good for others so others do good for you’.  They show up at church once a week, filling a spot, but as soon as they hit the door, life continues like nothing ever happened.  It makes me sick. 

Can we live, actually live, like we are following Christ?  When asked why we serve, can we not give the truth? We serve because Christ served.  As followers of Christ, we take on his own actions, living like he lived and dying each and every day, sacrificing ourselves for God’s plan. 

It sickens me when Christians refuse to acknowledge their faith, because too often I find myself doing exactly that. 

It’s not only individuals, but Christian Organizations. 

In a conversation that I took part in (not really, since I was focused on driving) somebody brought up the fact the Heifer International, an organization that allows someone to buy an animal for people who live a half a world away as a gift for someone else, give out Bibles with each gifted animal.  The problem somebody had been the fact that they do not announce this fact, except if you go searching for it, hidden deep within their website.  (I have yet to find where on their website this is, but they do openly proclaim Jewish and Christian philosophies.)

There are plenty of Christian organizations, Christian based bands, Artists, etc. that refuse to acknowledge their reliance on Christ.  Reasons may range from sales numbers, money, public interest or more.  Are we afraid to live up to the name of Christian?  Are we really following Christ if we refuse to take up his name?

Then we come to the issue of whether or not we, as Christians, should openly pronounce our faith.  Is it best to blatantly wear Christian clothing and shout scripture on the street corners?  Do we go around prophesying and speaking in tongues where everyone can see us?  Or do we worship behind locked doors?  Hide our actions from prying eyes? 

As a Christian, serving those around you is part of your faith.  It isn’t something that you should flaunt, nor is it something that you hide.  Serve to the best of your ability and don’t take any of the credit, give that to God in heaven. 

As for organizations, as well as individuals, don’t be afraid to tell the truth.  Don’t be afraid to share why you are the way you are.  Share your faith.  Just as you serve, be willing to be open about your faith. 

Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. Travis Said:

    I have to say that I agree whole-heartedly that there are too many who go through the motions and never put their money where their mouth is. Please check out our blog at

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