Moments of Silence

Today, we honor our Veterans.  Those that have served our nation’s Armed Forces, fought for our freedom and those that paid the ultimate price.  As an Army Brat, I learned firsthand what it felt like to have a parent deployed overseas for an extended period of time.  Many close family friends still serve and a number of them are overseas at this very moment. 

We celebrate Veterans Day to honor all those that formerly served our nation.  It doesn’t matter what your political views are, what your religion or faith is, or what color of skin covers your body.  If you consider yourself an American, these brave men and women have served you. 

I have the privilege of knowing a number of these men and women in uniform.  From Grandparents who served to a father who put in 21 years into the Army, friends of the family that we met while serving at military bases to their children who are serving now, those that I have met in person and those that I know only through stories, those that I’ve known since I was a child to the veterans that I met today on the snowy face of the Rocky Mountains, it is a privilege to know each and every single one of them.

There is a special place in my prayers for each and every single one of them, for safety, for peace and for the healing of wounds that many have hidden within.  They are the ones we honor today.  But there are others as well. 

For the past year and a half, I’ve kept a POW – MIA patch on my backpack, a reminder of the cost of this freedom we share.  This past summer, the patch managed to disappear on the streets of Togo.  Once I arrived in Denver, I started looking for another.  What I found was more than I expected. 

On the streets of Boulder, under the shadow of the mountains, I found a POW – MIA patch, but what was under it caught my eye,  “The Brave & The Free, America Remembers – KIA”. 

We all know the white and black patch, “You are not Forgotten.”  We see it flying under the Stars and Stripes, on the back of motorcycles and on leather jackets of Vets from all eras, but I have rarely seen the red and black “America Remembers” patch, for those Killed in Action (KIA). 

We cannot forget the price that these brave men and women paid for our freedom.  They deserve more than a single day of thanks, but a moment of silence each and every time they enter our lives. 

These men and women in uniform, those that have served and those serving now, are our nations brave warriors.  They have earned the respect and honor bestowed upon them. 

This day (and every single day), let us put aside our differences, be it faith, political views, the color of our skin, age, or opinions, and let us celebrate the lives of these brave men and women.

God Bless and PEACE


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