The Whisper

A while ago, while still aboard the Africa Mercy, I had the opportunity to encounter God through the whisper of one of the youth aboard the ship.  It was a beautiful moment that opened my heart to hear the many things that God was trying to teach me.  While this was happening, I found myself writing out my thoughts, an informal prayer and poem that is much more.  The following words still flow through my life, and I hope that they allow your heart to be opened as much as mine was.


There is a whisper that few can hear.  Through the music, it hisses and kisses my ear.  It’s the most beautiful sound.  The most beautiful prayer.  It rises and falls.  With each breath it lives and dies.  I can no longer ignore it, for it is louder than anything else that fills my heart. 

There is a whisper that I have heard.  When time slowed and rested peacefully within every held out hand.  It holds more fear than my heart, releasing them, pouring them out from wounds, unkept promises, broken relationships.  But it knows no bounds.  For it is love.  And more lovely than anything I have known.  Or will know.

There is a whisper, a prayer that floats through the air.  Catching the breath from my lungs.  It is icy cold, but lovingly warm.  It flows to a music beyond sounds.  It is softer than a beating heart, yet louder than any scream. 

There is a whisper that has filled this room.  A shout of triumph from the highest mountain.  It fills the valley below, lifting me to something more.  Something has happened, a feeling, an emotion.  Fear and awe.  Love and hate.  Broken in two.  Life stands still as it kisses the sound of time.  Nothing is left. 

There is a whisper that no one has heard.  It was kept inside.  Trapped.  Afraid to die.  It’s scream fills my lungs.  Floods my mind.  Kills my soul.  It was abandoned for something more.  Something that tried to make me whole.  It was forgotten, and in time, it ceased to exist.  But it is still there. 

There is a whisper that escapes he lips.  It hisses in the silence.  It kisses my ears.  It is more than a sound.  And more than a prayer.  In the darkness, when all seems lost, it found the light of the soul.  I found its footsteps.  Impressions in the dust.  Where few tread, so long ago. 

There is a whisper that quiets my soul.  It makes me lost.  It makes me whole.  I heard it and I was afraid.  I knew what it ment, but could not obey.  It didn’t fit.  My plan was wrong.  I closed my ears, yet still I heard.  It beats like a heart.  A heavy thump.  It makes me tremble.  It makes me jump. 

There is a whisper that few have heard.  It quiets the soul.  It changes the world.  It is more than a prayer, but a prayer just the same.  It knows your thoughts, and your name.  Try to run.  Far away.  Try to hide, by night or by day.  It will find you.  You’ll seek it out.  Without it, your lost.  Alone.  Trapped.  Scared.  Dead.

There is a whisper in the dark of night.  I heard it once.  It took my life.  I try to find it.  To track it down.  I never can.  It doesn’t want to be found.  It is silent.  Amidst the noise.  It is your heartbeat.  Your breath.  Your mind screaming for a chance to break free.  Your fears.  Hopes.  Dreams.  And all your plans. 

There is a whisper that wants to be found.  But I can’t.  I’m afraid of what I’ll hear.  I tremble as it closes in.  It is the silence.  It is the noise.  The music.  The breath.  The voice in your ears.  It is the prayer you prayed when you were a child.  It haunts you.  It knows you.  It is calling. 

There is a whisper that few can hear.  For few have opened their ears.  It is the beauty.  revealing the beast.  The one inside your heart.  The one you embrace.  Enjoy.  Lust.  I heard it.  Felt it.  Experienced it.  And was never able to walk away.  It captured me with bands of love.  With hope.  With nothing I’ve felt before. 

There is a whisper that escapes her lips.  Rising and falling.  With each hiss.  Each kiss. It is her prayer.  And my salvation. 

God Bless and PEACE


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