Zombie Faith

I have some amazing friends.  As part of their Advanced Topics Seminar for Film Production, they got the opportunity to create and film an informational video of their choosing (well, sort of).  After a surprising turn of events, the three groups got their assignment, create videos to instruct you on how to survive the apocalypse.  Each group has a different scenario, but the three scenarios are as follows: Machine Uprising, Nuclear Winter, and Zombie Infestation.  My good friends, Micah, Christina and Ian are part of the group researching and filming the “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”  (read from the beginning at Micah’s Blog, starting with this entry).

After a spectacular first day of filming, one of the volunteer zombie actresses made a video interview about the effects of being a zombie on her social life.  While it is a cute little video, it got me thinking:  How many people are walking around with dead faith?

In our religious circles we talk of people whom are spiritually lost.  We call them dead.  Sometimes we consider them dead.  They don’t have the faith that we have, so we ignore them and just continue walking. 

Other people find this faith that we have and for a while they burn with the passion for our Lord and Savior.  Then the world turns on them and the fires fade.  They no longer live like they used to.  They still have their faith, but they don’t live it  out.  They seem to stop living all together. 

Both scenarios are cases of dead faith.  A faith that was never brought to life and a faith that faded from existence.  Our world is full of them.  We see these stories in our schools and communities.  We see them in the broken that live on the streets and those that we call friends.  We see these stories in our cities and in our churches.  In others and in ourselves. 

And with a fiery passion, we scream at God, “Whos fault is this, that they are walking dead.  Where is the faith!?”  And then we look at our own lives. 

God gave us a fire and told us to share it with the world.  We read books about how to spread God’s love and we get into debates about how the Church should be structured.  We argue over petty differences between traditions and we shout out against injustice.  But our actions speak louder than our words. 

And we realize that many times, our actions are silent.  Our fire doesn’t spread because we do not share it.  Our faith is dead without works. 

We look at others like they are the walking dead, those without faith and those with a faith that has faded, but when we examine ourselves, sometimes we will find that our faith is dying also. 

Our faith calls us into action.  It stirs our souls into something so much more.  It brings us life, so that we may live to the fullest.  Do not become the living dead.  Do not lose the passion and fire that has been gifted to you from a holy God.  Take your flame, this fire from the Lord, and spread it to the edges of the world and beyond. 

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. mdm Said:

    Rm 15:1-7

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