Life, Plans, and God

It’s been crazy these past two and a half weeks.  After departing Athens, GA, I headed up through Tennessee and Kentucky, followed the Mississippi up, then cut across Missouri and followed the Missouri River into the Dakotas before finally arriving in Minot, ND.  After three full days of driving, I was finally able to get some thoughts processed, get some alone time with just me and God, and view some amazing scenery across the upper Mid-West.

It was good to be able to spend time with my sister and brother-in-law a little bit before the rest of the family got in and the chaos began.  Between bowling with my sister and brother, killing Russians (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) with the brother-in-law, repairing a broken fence with my dad, shopping with my mother and trying to unclog pipes and prepare a cook-out at the same time, I was able to relax a little bit before heading out to Denver, CO.

After a night of hanging out with everyone, after everyone returned home or went to sleep, Matt (the brother-in-law) and I had a deep conversation.  We talked about life, about planning for the future, about jobs, serving, volunteering and finances. 

Though I will not get into everything we talked about, I will hit one major point that made me think really hard.  After asking what the future looked like, Matt asked (not exact wording) “What will you do if God’s plans fall through.”

That took me off guard. 

Unfortunately, this is the mindset of American Christians today –   “I’ll follow God till times get rough, then I’m jumpin’ off this train.” 

Following God’s plan for your life means following it when it looks good, and following it when it looks like everything is about to fall through.  We are afraid of falling. 

We want the American Dream more than we want to follow God.  We want to play it safe.  We want money in the bank account so that we don’t fall into debt.  We want to retire.  We want a God who is safer than we are.

The God that I follow is none of these.  The God of Jacob, Issac, Abraham, Stephan and the rest of the followers of Christ is none of these.  God is anything but safe, especially in this life. 

Following God is dangerous.  You may go hungry.  You may be persecuted.  You may not have a place to call home.  You may sacrifice everything to gain even more. 

Our sacrifice is nothing.  We give, but does it hurt?  We still have money in our accounts.  We share, but we keep enough to get by (comfortably).  We sacrifice, but we are still breathing the same breath that we were before. 

Stop living the same life as before.  When following God, we change, we become new and we are called to give everything we are to share the Gospel.  We share it in the way we talk, in how we act, and in our sacrifices.  If we do not sacrifice everything we are, our very lives to God, then we are not giving everything we can to God.  We are cheating God.

I do not want to play it safe anymore… 

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. Dawn Jolin Said:

    Dear Sean
    I am a quilting friend of your mom’s.
    I was moved to tears to read this from someone so young but obviously so brilliant and blessed with this powerful knowledge.
    The world needs more young men and women like you.
    May God go with you always and bless you abundantly.
    With love and good will
    Dawn Jolin

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