Where Have All The Warriors Gone?

I’ve seen a growing trend among the youth of this generation and the older generations that came before us.  I see it in the way people act while I’m living between adventures.  I see it in the eyes of friends that have ‘grown up’ and become ‘more mature’.  I’ve seen it here in the states, on the missions field, and at times, in the faces of strong Christians.  It is a falling of warriors into the ways of the world. 

I returned from the missions field less than a month ago and I have seen the fire of my own heart fade.  The passion is still there, the deep burning of embers, but the flame, the actions and the spreading had been smothered by the indifference of society and the neglect of remembering who God has created me to be. 

I admit, I have fallen many times in my life.  I stumble.  I am far from perfect, despite what people say about me.  I have passion that drives me, and at times gets me into trouble.  At times I forget the man that God is calling me to be.  I believe we all do. 

Everyone stumbles.  Everyone falls.  Everyone forgets. 

I’ve heard it said that the thing that makes someone stand out isn’t that they stumbled and fell, but they got back to their feet and continued on.  They say that this is what defines Heroes.  I say this defines warriors. 

Unfortunately, I have seen smaller and smaller numbers of Christians rise again after falling in their walk of faith.  To many warriors have put their swords and armor up on the mantle and called it quits.  To many Christians stop reading the Word of God daily, relying on the wisdom and knowledge of this world to keep going.  To many stong souls stop living, choosing rather to survive day to day. 

I’ve seen this in friends that once stood shoulder to shoulder along side of me.  I’ve seen this in the youth, as their passion has been buried under the watchful eyes of the elders.  I’ve seen this in the older generations, as we would rather enjoy traditions and the way it’s always been done, rather to embrace the burning faith that God has passed along to us.  I’ve seen it to many times in those around me, and I’ve seen it in my own life. 

Each and every struggle that has been put into words, and then some that have not been expressed here, I have dealt with.  I’ve seen spiritual droughts.  And I’ve seen the devastating floodwaters rising. 

The fire burns in each of us.  When we became Christians, through a sudden transformation of a life or through a gradual process we received faith with an open heart.  In that moment, wherever you were in your walk, God placed in you a flame.  An ember that burns.  This is faith.  This is the Spirit of the Warrior.  Anyone who has ever called themselves Christians, Followers of the Way, or Disciples of Christ has this flame.  We have smothered it.  Society has smothered it.  Our actions have smothered it. 

The ember is still there, burning inside our hearts.  Constantly calling us to be something more.  God is calling us back to our feet.  He is calling us to be more than followers, but to be warriors for him. 

He has given us the passion, let it consume everything you do. 

God Bless and PEACE



  1. altonwoods Said:

    He has given us the passion, let it consume everything you do.


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