Blinkers and Traffic Signs

When I drive, I like to know what is going on around me.  When driving down the road, I like to know that the traffic signs are correct.  If there is a sudden turn, I would rather be warned ahead of time.  I also really enjoy it when people around me use their blinkers before veering over into or out of my lane.  Like road signs, blinkers keep everyone else aware of the constantly changing road conditions. 

On the road, drivers need to be aware of everything around them, from the direction of travel to the other cars and drivers on the road.  Signals and road signs help keep everyone aware and safe along the journey. 

When journeying with God, he provides road signs.  Other people who you encounter on your journey choose whether or not to use their signals.  With both the signs and signals, sometimes we see them, other times we just completely miss them. 

The road signs God shows us may be obvious or blatant, but they may be slight and a little hidden.  In my life, I’ve had everything from ‘Do Not Enter’ signs with blinking red lights to turn signals hidden behind overgrown leaves.  Sometimes they are bold statements that jump out at us, something said by someone that just sticks with us, a dream that continues night after night and stays with us during the day, or a feeling that is undeniable.  Other times the road signs can be as subtle as a whisper in the dark, a movement in the corner of your eye, a flash of light in the distance, or a group of friends, a community moving in a direction. 

Other people can be signs from God, but they also have their own journeys they are on.  Most of the time we don’t slam into one another, the traffic accidents of life.  Sometimes as we travel, we turn, we swerve, we switch lanes, sometimes we even slam on the breaks or switch roads all together.  Like all drivers, every once in a while we decide to use our ‘blinkers’ and warn everyone else of our travel intentions. 

In traveling alongside and on the same road as everyone else, we must learn to adjust to everyone else on the road.  Sometimes you must react to someone elses sudden adjustment to their journey.  Sometimes, we react to them before they move, because they send signals telling us what is going on.  We pick these signals up from conversations and from actions.  Sometimes we pick them up, other times we don’t.  When we pick up on these signals we can react quicker than when we don’t see those signals to the last moment, or when we don’t see them at all (or if there are no signals). 

The road is where God is leading us.  It has never been about a destination, but the journey that God leads us on.  He is guiding us, so we don’t get lost.  We travel with hundreds, if not thousands of people on the journey. 

Pay attention to the traffic signs that God has placed along your journey.  Watch for the signals of those around you.  Do this, and you wont get lost and you wont crash in your journey with God. 

God Bless and PEACE


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