Wisdom and Stories

Since I’ve gotten home from my journey in Africa, I’ve barely seen any of my friends (as they have all moved away, gone to school, or have gotten married) or those people my age.  While I do miss the company of the youth, I have had the honor and privilege of spending time with some family friends, older couples who aren’t that old. 

It’s been a blessing because they understand the importance of telling and sharing stories.  In exchanging these tales, I have learned a lot about who they are and how much they have influenced my walk in faith.  I have also seen the effect of telling my story and sharing my faith on those that surround me. 

Just as the youth look to the older generations for wisdom, the older generations look to the youth for the energy and passion that consumes faith. 

I enjoy spending time with my parents and the parents of friends.  I love to hear their stores, no matter how many times I’ve heard them before.  I love sharing my journey with them.  I can see the passion of faith returning as they listen to my adventures.  They follow me, just as much as I follow in their footsteps. 

While the youth learn from the older generations, I believe the older generations can learn from the youth.  We are all students.  We are all teachers.  Following God’s call knows no age.

My challenge to the youth:  Spend time with your parents and their friends.  Sit and listen to the veterans of life.  Their stories can save you from your darkest fears.

My challenge to the older generations:  Don’t just listen to the adventures of the youth, but join them in their journey of faith.  Invest in them and grow with them. 

God Bless and PEACE


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