Have you ever realized how hard it is to actually hear the voice of God?  It’s elusive.  When I was younger (in Middle and High School) I thought people who heard God were delusional.  Then I heard him speak for the first the time and knew how blessed those people were. 

Lately, I’ve found it difficult to quiet myself and listen for that voice again.  So many things get in the way.  So much noise surrounds our lives.  We struggle with hearing God because everything in our lives drown him out.  Life bombards us with billboards and sounds that send us into shock. 

There are a few times and places where the noise of the world fades away and all that is left is the silence.  These are the ‘thin places’ where it feels like the Kingdom of Heaven and God are within reach, just beyond our grasp, or surrounding us in the present moment.  These places may be far and few between, but if you keep your heart open, you will find that they invade our lives if we let them. 

Last night, after the Sunday night community worship here aboard the Africa Mercy, a handful of us stayed behind as Marty, one of the Chaplains aboard, continued with worship.  Lately, I’ve been struggling to quiet my own thoughts, my frustrations, my fears, my demons.  In this time of worship and reflection, everything seemed to fade away as I gave it all up to God. 

And in that silence, between the notes and cords of the music, I could hear one of the youth, a student at the Academy aboard the ship, praying.  Her soft whispers echoed throughout the room, barely audible. 

It was in this silence that God moved.  I cannot explain it with words, nor can I explain it with pictures, sounds, or with my own being.  It was a peace that flowed.  It was more than silence.  More than a whisper.  It was indescribable. 

It was a blessing, sent at the exact moment of need. 

When everything seems to be falling apart, search for the silence and embrace it.  It is there, where no other noise is present, that God whispers into our hearts. 

God Bless and PEACE



  1. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

    • stkerr Said:

      I don’t have a twitter account, and i’m not sure if i’ll ever have one. I dont have myspace either.

  2. […] A while ago, while still aboard the Africa Mercy, I had the oppertunity to encounter God through the whisper of one of the youth aboard the ship.  It was a beatuful moment that opened my heart to hear the many things that God […]

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