What Is Going On Here?

If you’ve been following my journey for a little while, you know that the Africa Mercy is making its way from Lome, Togo to Durban, S. Africa.  While the sea has begun to get ‘fresher’ as the Cap’t put it, we, the crew are continuing to enjoy the ride.  While most of us are lacking sleep, we make up for it with extra doses of hot-chocolate (which ran out this morning) and coffee. 

On the first day of sail, we left a number of crew back in Lome.  Some continued their journey elsewhere, some returned home, and then others stayed for a couple more weeks.  Tom Bradley, the photographer while aboard the Africa Mercy,was one of those crew members who stayed behind in Lome.  Part of his story even made the front page of WordPress.  Look for the blog titled Living in Lome.

While sailing, some of the nurses joined the different teams in and around the ship, including the dining hall and galley.  While Becca Taylor is not on my team, it is an honor to have her (an all the nurses who have volunteered) in the dining hall family.  She provides a unique perspective into the life of a dining hall steward. 

It’s been an interesting sail so far.  We have seen a fin whale swimming right off of our port side (less than 10 m) and a humpback whale waving off of our port bow, before disappearing beneath the surface (both were a little camera-shy).  We have seen waves crashing over our bow, and now, due to the force of the waves, metal plating has been placed over the bow windows in the dining hall. 

While this does dampen the lighting in the dining hall, it makes us feel a little safer knowing that the waves wont be coming through the windows. 

The weather should be getting better in the next 24 hours (possibly late tonight) and then, according to all the radar weather maps, it looks like it’ll get rougher around the Cape of Good Hope in the next couple of days. 

The ship will be going into dry-dock for repairs and refitting.  The plan is to do a bunch of work around the ship, replace the old generators, and weld everything back together by February.  Mercy Ships still need a bit of financial support for the process, but they are going on the faith of knowing God will provide. 

God Bless and PEACE


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