Crashing Through the Atlantic

At times, I wonder what an old Danish Rail Ferry is doing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s rough sailing, especially as near the bottom of Africa and the Cape of Good Hope.  While it is, at times, a bit frightening, it is also a grand adventure. 

This morning around 7:15, during breakfast, the ship tilted to close to twenty degrees, far from the point-of-no-return (somewhere past 40 degrees or so, I’m not sure about the exact number).  It was interesting to try to work as the ship rocks back and forth, snapping upright due to the combination of our high buoyancy, flat bottom and high center of gravity. 

Throughout the day, the seas continued to become rougher as winds and swells increased.  Between meals, I went around the ship, trying to get a picture of the waves crashing over the bow.  I went up to the dining hall (deck 5, same deck as the bow), the International Lounge (deck 6) and eventually up to the bridge (deck 7). 

The image above was taken from the International Lounge, starboard side, a deck above the bow.  It was a lot of fun watching the waves crash over the bow.  To get the image, you just have to be patient, work through a watered down window and have fun. 

Life on the high seas, while I continue to stay positive, can be very difficult.  In conversations, we can easily focus in on the negative.  How little sleep we got.  How many things have gone wrong.  Complain why we have soup in the middle of a storm. 

I noticed that when we pray, we pray for the storm to end.  We ask for our circumstances to change.  We ask got to remove the our struggles. 

I wonder why we focus on everything else, instead of asking God to give us strength.  My prayer is that God gives us enough strength to turn to him.  That instead of looking for a solid fortress, I pray that we embrace the storm and learn from each and every wave, every struggle and trial. 

My prayer is the same for all Christians around the world.  Whenever we encounter struggles, dont run from them.  Don’t flee from danger.  Turn to God for your strength, and rise above whatever is in your path. 

God Bless and PEACE


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