Living and Dying for Christ

A good friend once told me that if they died, they would be perfectly fine because they would be partying with Jesus.  How many of us think this way?  Are we really living looking forwards to our deaths?  Are we more focused on dying?  Or is our focused on life?

I was once told:  “It’s easy to die for your faith.  It is much harder to live for it.” 

I am afraid of death.  There is something about dying that doesn’t feel right.  It may have something to do with the ceasing to exist physically.  I believe all of us have fears of death.  For the living, it just doesn’t seem right. 

Early Christians were persecuted.  The Romans thought it would be fun to kill them all.  They rounded them up and put them in the arena with wild animals and gladiators, just to see them die.  They burned them.  Crucified them.  Made their death a spectacle. 

Followers of the Way knew they would die if they professed their Faith.  That didn’t stop them from speaking out.  From proclaiming what they believed. 

We are safe, for the most part.  In the Western World, you will not die if you profess your faith.  But many Christians are more ready to die, so that they can party with Christ, than to live out their Faith throughout the world. 

In living for God, we must die every day.  Every moment must be dedicated to His will, not ours.  Many people would rather prefer to die once.  It’s easier that way. 

It is difficult.  Living a life while chasing after God.  It isn’t easy.  I don’t think God designed Faith to be ‘easy’.  It’s an active choice that one has to make every moment of every day. 

God Bless and PEACE


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