Into the Deep Blue Sea

Early this morning, things began to be placed in motion as the Africa Mercy prepared to leave the port of Lome, Togo and head down to Durban, South Africa.  While I do not know the detailed workings of the deck hands, the engine crews or all the various important things that the officers on the bridge do, I can say that, from my point of view, things went rather smoothly as we slipped through the waters off the coast. 

My morning started as I got into the dining hall to begin to serve breakfast for the engineers at 6:30 local time.  Breakfast went smoothly, as we made the last couple adjustments and tied down the final couple things for the sail.  Soon after we finished cleaning up from breakfast, as I was down on the dock taking some final photographs, the alarm sounded and we all rushed off to our muster stations.  Somewhere around this point, the Pilot arrived aboard to prepare to guide us out of port.

After verifying that everyone that was supposed to be aboard were aboard, we made sure nobody was aboard that wasn’t supposed to be aboard (Stow-Away Search).  As we continued our search, the deckies and engineers began the preparations for leaving Togo. 

We soon gathered together on the deck to wave goodbye to the few people that we were leaving behind, those that were leaving Togo by a different mode of transportation, and the few day-workers and locals that knew the exact time that we were leaving. 

As we waved our good-byes, a few of the crew decided to say it in a different fashion (as seen above, where two of the crew members decided to take some final shots at those still on the dock, literally).   And yet, others of the crew took this moment to reflect on out time in Togo (see below). 

And after a quick check of the life boats, we slipped out of the harbor with a military escort (see below).  One of the Togolese ships escorted us out to sea, an honor that few ships have ever seen. 

I know that I will miss Togo.  I know that most of the crew feels the same way.  But there is something amazing about the rolling waves of the sea that brings about constant change.  We are surrounded by a beauty that many have never experienced.  I know I’ve had my feet on solid ground too long, it’s time to let the waves of change take us to the next part of the journey. 

God Bless and PEACE


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