Life in the Hands of God

Living day to day under the direction of God is one of the scariest places to be.  I am one of those people who like to plan everything out.  Like many others, I feel the safest when I know what I’m gonna be doing from year to year.  Now that I’m out of school, learning to trust God has become harder and harder, but at the same time, more clear. 

I know that God is calling me to Africa.  My heart is here, breaking for these people.  He led me to Uganda last summer, revealing to me the sliver of light in the darkness of the land.  He brought me to Mercy Ships and the Africa Mercy to show me the need for people to share and serve with those who serve others.  I know in the next couple years, God will give me strength and a heart for leadership. 

Almost a year ago, I started to panic about what I would be doing after graduating (yes, before my last year at college even started, I was panicking about the next year).  I knew God was calling me back to Africa, so I took the opportunity to browse different organizations and missions teams.  I knew I was going to serve in Africa for the summer, either with the same group from last year, or with another missions organization. When I realized that I would be serving with Mercy Ships, I stepped up the search for the next couple years.

I applied to a number of different organizations, including AmeriCorps, Africa Inland Missions and numerous others.  About three weeks ago, while here aboard the Africa Mercy, I got the notification that I had been accepted into AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), starting this October and also next year. 

I had a hard time with waiting for God to reveal his plan.  Each time I thought I had God’s plan figured out, I got a “You have been placed on the waiting list” or ‘Can you fill out more forms and we’ll get back to you’ or ‘We’d like to have an interview, but we’ll have to wait ’till later’.  I wanted to see all of God’s plan, but he was only showing me one step at a time. 

I was so focused on where God wanted me to be, that I forgot where God had put me.  I rushed through each semester of college, looking forward to each summer.  Looking forwards to the next mission trip, the next leg in the adventure.  I was so focused on where God was leading me, that I didn’t have time to take a look and see everything that was on my path.  It took me three whole semesters to begin to figure out my own artwork.  I never fully got to know the guys of Cockins Manor (aka: S. Rouse).  I never fully appreciated what blessings God put in my life, because I was too focused on ‘something more.’ 

When we learn to live in the hands of God, we do more than trust him with our plans.  We trust him with more than our future.  With more than our hopes.  We trust him with our very hearts and lives.

As we live, following God’s call in our lives and going from one place to another, we are surrounded by others in the journey.  We meet people along the road that God places in our lives.  We learn from them.  God teaches us through them. 

If we are consumed in the destination, we will never experience the journey.

God Bless and PEACE


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