Fading Away

Not so long ago, a good friend returned from a missions trip to Guatemala and gifted me with a bracelet, to remember the friendship that had formed over the year.  Here on the Africa Mercy, it is a reminder of each and every person back home who is supporting me, both physically and spiritually.

I noticed the other day that the bracelet is fading, no longer the dark black, bold gray and bright emerald-green, but a dull middle toned gray, whitish, and pale green in appearance.  Due to the bleach water that we soak the cups in before sending them through the dishwasher, the bracelet has lost its boldness.  However, whenever the braids of string becomes damp, the brilliance of its color returns.

Is this how our faith works?  We soak and bask in the works and will of God, then wander off to become dry, stale, and dull.  We go through life living away from God, living a dead life.  We walk our path alone, even though God is calling us to him.  We justify ourselves by saying that we are living for God because we are keeping the Sabbath, we go to church on Sunday.  We say our prayers before meals, or before we sleep.  We keep on living, while we dab ourselves in God, getting us wet enough to become brilliant again, only to fade back into the ways of the world. 

It frustrates me when I see Christians viewing their faith as a religion.  When followers of Christ no longer follow God, but follow rules of this thing we call Christianity.  Being a Christian is more than telling yourself that God wants a part of your time here on earth, he wants your whole life, a life that he will lead so that you can actually live to the fullest. 

When we completely submerge ourselves (our lives) into the will of God, we will never fade into the wills of the world.  When we live in the will of God, we are continually renewed by his love and faithfulness. 

God Bless and PEACE



  1. Pat Said:

    Amen,amen!!!! Have a wonderful evening. 😀

  2. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

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