Knights in (not so) Shining Armor

Through a conversation that I had with some friends here aboard the Africa Mercy (and remembering conversations with friends back at school) I noticed that many girls seem to be searching for a hero to swoop in and rescue them whenever they are in danger.  They are searching for that guy who will fight off the demons that have embraced them.  Searching for the one and only person who can brighten up the darkness that surrounds them.  That man who will make them feel safe.  Who will protect them.  They are searching for their Knight in Shining Armor. 

The question now becomes, “Where are all the Knights in Shining Armor?” 

Most guys don’t fit that mold any more.  Their armor is no longer shining, but it has been ripped apart and left in ruins.  It has bullet sized holes in the chest piece from abuse and mistrust.  Rust has formed over the edges because we dare not bring it out of storage, even if it is just to polish and try it on for fit.  It has been dented and scratched from battles with our own demons and fears.  We have forgotten how to use this ‘shining’ armor, and we have forgotten how to act like knights.  Like heroes.

As guys, we all want to win and capture the heart of that dream girl.  We stumble through what we think is chivalry and honor and love to capture her heart, only to find that we fear the romance of the rescue.  We fear it, because we don’t know what it is. 

There are some men who have put on their battered armor and found the courage to recapture the romance that has been lost in time.  I know of several guys who have taken up the old battle cry of love and pursued the girl of their dreams.  Several are now married, while others are now engaged. 

After looking at these relationships, I’ve noticed something interesting.  While the guy did take up the initiative and admit that his armor was dented, torn, rusted and no longer shining, the girl also had to accept that fact.  They saw past the muck and grime that prevented their rescuer from shining and saw him in action.  They saw him for who he was. 

No guy that I know has perfect shining armor.  None of us know how to be knights.  But what’s to stop us from trying?  Fear of failure?  If that is so, then we are also afraid to succeed. 

Take risks.  Charge into the rescue.  Play it by ear.  Let God lead your heart, he will teach you everything you need to know about love and romance.

We may not be Knights in Shining Armor, but we are who God made us to be, nothing more, nothing less.  He will provide us with all the armor we need.

God Bless and PEACE


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