Working with Joy

Why is it that people go to work each and every day, only to be focused on getting off work?  We spend 8+ hours a day working, we complain, we get frustrated, and we only look at what fun stuff we will do after we get off.  Then we do get off of work, and only have 2 hours or so to have ‘fun.’  We get distracted by Facebook, friends, hanging out, and all the other fun things we do to consume our time and we stay up later and later, until it’s eventually midnight, or 2 o’clock in the morning before we eventually pass out.  Then the next morning, we are grumpy from lack of sleep, and we head to work, only to start the whole cycle over again. 

And that is the main problem.  In our society, especially in the youth, there is no joy or happiness in our work.  Work is just that, work.  We work, so that when we finish, we can have our joy, our fun. 

That just doesn’t seem right.  Did God create us to work for so long, only to have an instant of joy?  I dont think so. 

Our work should be our joy.  Yes, work should be hard, but we should also find something fulfilling in our work.  It can begin with something as simple as smiling while you work.  This simple act can change how you think about your work.  Try it. 

To truely find joy in work, you must completely change the way you approach your job.  Change the way you think about work.  Trust me, it’s not easy. 

Take, for example, volunteering in the dining hall of the Africa Mercy.  It would be easy to approach the oppertunity with the mindset of the following: 

“I work hard hours, making sure people get fed, and they don’t even thank me.  All I want to do is finish working so I can go to Saracowa / the orphanage / Kpalime / any place but here.”

Fortunately, I made up my mind before getting aboard ship that I was going to keep a positive attitude about working here.  It’s a little difficult once you add the human element (aka: frustrations due to stupid things people do, including myself) and/or events happening that are beyond my control (aka: fire drills, really hot heatlamps and overflowing pipes dumping sewage water onto the floor).  It happens, but this is the attitude that I have chosen to adopt:

“I serve people so that they can serve others.  I get to meet and talk to each and every person that comes through the lines in the dining hall, giving each of them a smile and a laugh that could change their day completely.  I get breaks between each meal and a 15 minute break during work to eat.  On my days off, I get to rest.”

By approaching your job in a positive attitude, you are more likely to enjoy whatever you are doing.  With that, you can begin to bring joy into your workplace. 

Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE


Author: stkerr

Artist. Photographer. Writer. Nomad. Alumni of AmeriCorps NCCC, FEMA Corps and the St Louis Emergency Response Team. Dispatcher.

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