Why do you Serve?

Since I have gotten onto the Africa Mercy, I have met many people from many paths of life.  When working with Mercy Ships, you find yourself surrounded by people from every nation, each with a different story. 

While Mercy Ships is a Christian organization, we have people from every walk of life.  We have church people.  We have self-proclaimed heathens.  Followers of Christ.  The forgotten.  Muslims.  The saved.  The lost.  Any title you can think of, we have it aboard ship.  Each person has a story like no other, but each person has come here for a reason. 

The reasons for making it aboard this vary from person to person.  Some have felt called to serve here in Africa.  Some have felt the call specifically for Mercy Ships.  Some are running from their past.  Searching for something more.  Seeking redemption.  Righting the wrongs.  Escaping reality.  And yet others claim they had nowhere else to turn. 

No matter what the reason, we have all found ourselves here aboard the Africa Mercy.  God directed all our paths here, whether we like it or not. 

When you find yourself being led by circumstances, a calling, or by force, I find that you have two choices:  Accept it, or fight it. 

When you serve, no matter how you find yourself there, you must serve with a willing heart, or you will find yourself feeling forced, trapped and somewhat like a caged animal.  I have seen it before, and I see it here on ship, people who feel like they are in a prison, trapped, and serving out a sentence. 

No matter how you look at it, God has called each of us out and given us the chance to serve, here in Africa, or around the world, wherever we are.  This service, however long you are here, is you job.  This is your sacrifice to God, giving of yourself to His plan. 

In saying this, when you serve, you give everything to God.  You put your every effort and every thought into what you do.  If you are serving aboard the Africa Mercy as a dining hall steward, that is your primary job.  Each time you work, you need to put 110% effort into your work.  If you are serving in the brush of Uganda as a photographer, it is your job and priveledge to tell your story in that place.  You put ever waking moment into telling that story.  If you are serving as a missionary in Honduras, helping put in a water supply system, you work as hard as you can beside the local people.  You put every effort into serving them, as you serve God. 

When you dont give everything you have , cut corners, skip a small detail, you not only dont serve others to your full capacity, you dont serve God to your fullest. 

Here aboard the Africa Mercy, I have noticed many people not giving their all.  They treat this oppertunity to serve as a vacation, a break from the ‘real world’.  I’m sorry to break it to ya, but this is the real world.  There is brokenness all around us.  The poor are at your feet.  Your job may not be directly impacting those that come aboard the Africa Mercy for medical tratment, but you are still serving them by serving those that serve others. 

If you dont give your all, how will the people whom you serve be able to give their all?

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. […] I’ve said it before.  I say it again.  Your work for God, be it in the missions field here in Africa, in the Philipines, Honduras, Russia, India, or in your own back yard, is your Job.  Especially if you take up a volunteer position with an organization (Mercy Ships, Akia-Ashianut, or wherever you are).  Your service is your act of willingness towards God.  […]

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