Oh, the stories you’ll tell…

This weekend I headed up north with a small group of random people to Kpalime.  According to Josh, each and every trip is extremely different, especially traveling there. 

We left the ship after we all drew out CFA’s from the crew bank and headed out of the port.  We headed down the road to the circle, where we gathered a group of zemidjans (motorcycle taxis) and headed across Lome to meet up with one of Josh’s friends, (dont know how to spell his name, but it is pronounced as ‘D-D-A’). 

While I have never ridden a motorcycle in my life, the zemi ride was exhilarating and exciting.  there were a couple of times where I thought I was going to crash and die, we made it to our destination safely. 

We met them at one of the local Rastafarian hang out, where we waited for our driver to receive his food from one of the local resturant.  DDA had figured out free transportation up to Kpalime, so we took it with a laugh and smile when we realized what we were riding in.  Our transport was a van full of roofing tiles. 

So, we rode to Kpalime in the back of a van full of roofing tiles.  It took us a couple of hours through the pouring rain, but we finally made it as the darkness started to fall over the land. 

In exchange for our ‘free’ ride, we helped unload all the roofing tiles.  All couple-thousand of ’em. 

How many times do you get to serve people when you aren’t even planning on serving them?  It was an experience of a lifetime.

God Bless and PEACE


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