Never Pray for Patience

We all know the saying “Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can.  It’s rarely found in women and never found in man.”  Patience is a virtue.  And I don’t have it.  In the past few months, my patience has been stretched to the limits.  In the past few weeks, it has bent past the usual breaking point. 

In one of my acts of impatience, I asked God for patience.  Thinking back, I’m telling myself “Bad idea.  What were you thinking?” 

In our society, we have everything at our finger tips.  We want information.  BAM!  It’s there on the Internet.  We are hungry.  BAM!  There is a Taco Bell or any fast food place open 24/7.  We want something.  BAM!  It’s paid for with your (parent’s) credit card.  BAM! Overnight shipping.  We have everything we ever want in an instant. 

We have created a generation of very impatient people.  We, including myself, have no patience. 

Yet, for some reason, we ask God and pray for the gift of patience.  I constantly make that mistake.  When you pray for patience, God doesn’t just give it to you.  He throws you into the middle of a situation.  He tests you.  He bends you ’till right before you break.

I would love to know what exactly I will be doing when I get home from my time with Mercy Ships.  Unfortunately, God doesn’t want me to be comfortable from making plans, but wants me to rely on Him.  God doesn’t want me to know if I am going to be with AmeriCorps or Africa Inland Missions.  Part of me is frustrated, but part of me knows that God has a plan. 

In more recent events, I prayed again for patience because some of the people I work with aboard the Africa Mercy and some of the situations that have happened in the past couple weeks have been extremely frustrating.  God answered.  It got even more frustrating. 

Don’t think I’m not enjoying my time here, because I am loving my time here in Lome, Togo with Mercy Ships, just at times it does get frustrating.  Whenever you work with people, you will get frustrated and your patience will be tested.  I know the only way that I am getting through all this is by the strength that God has supplied me. 

God Bless and PEACE


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