Come, Now Is The Time To Worship…

There are times when we feel like worshiping God.  Other times we aren’t that into it.  Maybe our day has been stressful.  Maybe people are getting on your nerves.  Your job seems to consume you.  People around you are all idiots.  God doesn’t feel close. 

We sit, our minds consumed with the thoughts that flood through, rushing in only to rush out.  Taking with them all our focus and energy to praise the one who loves us.  We are frustrated.  Coming to a boiling point.  About to explode.  And there is a little voice in the back of your head that wonders whether or not God will actually hear your worship. 

I have been there.  In fact, I have been there this past week.  Even in the missions field, we find ourselves consumed by frustrations with those that we work with.  By our lack of strength.  By our fears.  By our own desires.  Even here on the Africa Mercy, I find myself loosing sight of what God is calling me to do.

I find myself wishing I had a different job, the job I want, not where God has placed me.  I find myself wishing I was working with different people, people who wouldn’t test my patience.  Wishing I had the finances to stay for an extra month, for an extra year, not caring if God has other plans for me.  Wishing that I knew what I would be doing once I got home, not relying on God to lead my path. 

So many things fill our minds and we find ourselves pushing God out of the picture.  We are to tired, to worn down, to angry to worship. 

But somewhere deep inside we feel the strings of our heart being pulled back to Him.  We hear the first cords of a song, the first note piercing the air and we know that this is what God wants us to do.  We see people gathered together, singing and dancing and we know that we will not be satisfied until we allow ourselves to join in. 

We have a choice.  Do we let everything in life that distracts us pull us away from God?  Or do we allow God to lead us back to him? 

Worship draws us towards God.  We draw near to him.  Embrace him.  Allow him to consume all our burdens.  When we worship, we allow ourselves to focus back on God.  To focus back on the only thing that really matters. 

When we are frustrated.  When we are angry.  When we are distracted.  We need to allow ourselves to open up to worship. 

Ever sence I got aboard the Africa Mercy, I’ve had the song, “Wade In the Water”, stuck in my head.  Every time I work, I sing the verses and chorus to myself, out loud.  It reminds me of why I made the 38+ hour trek back to Africa in the first place.  It refocuses me on God.  It refocuses me on what He is calling me to do. 

Earlier this evening, a group started to worship.  Out in the cafe, they brought out a guitar and started singing praises to God.  Soon, they were joined by a djembe, then moved over to the piano as someone joined there.  People danced as their hearts drew close to the Father.  I smiled, because I could feel all the stress, all the frustrations, all the doubts, all the anger of the past week, slowly slip away. 

God is calling us to worship.  It may not be in song or with out lips, but He is calling us to worship with our hands, our lives, our hearts.  Will you worship?

God Bless and PEACE


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