The Destruction of Beauty

Here aboard the Africa Mercy, I am surrounded by some beautiful people.  Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in Christ.  There are all types of beautiful people aboard.  Physically beautiful people.  Spiritually beautiful people.  Emotionally beautiful people.  Beautiful people surround us.  It’s deeper than just the skin, but part of who people are. 

Here in Africa, people embrace the beuaty within themselves.  The women carry it with honor on their shoulders.  The bear the scars of povery, of abuse, of a hard life.  The men wear it with pride, clothed in sweat, dirt and grime that comes from years of hard work to bring food to the table. 

Africa is a beautiful continent.  Both in it’s people and in it’s landscapes.  From the lay of the land to the painted skies that hang above the people, this is a land that has not forgotten it’s beauty. 

Somehow, in the Western World, he have lost this beauty.  In Europe and the States, we have forgotten what it means to be beautiful.  Somewhere in the past couple hundred years, we have forgotten what it means to be beautiful. 

While I am surrounded by beautiful people on this ship, I am constantly reminded of how the western world has both forgotten and destroyed the beauty that comes from being in the image of God.  I was reminded of this during breakfast this morning, as I saw a number of the girls dressed in short shorts and provocative tops. 

I wonder why people (not only girls, but guys also) feel the need to ‘enhance’ the beauty that God has already given them.  Girls put on makeup to enhance their features.  Guys put on tight clothes and grease their hair in an effort to hide certain features and bring others out. 

In western societies, we put an importance on physical beauty.  We tell small girls that it is important to be thin.  To have no emotions.  To have pale skin.  Straight, long hair.  We tell boys that it is better to be buff.  To be lean. To have passion. 

We tell girls that it’s okay to expose themselves, to give away what is most precious.  We tell guys to throw away their identity, to become one of the crowd.  We have thown out the beauty that we carry inside, for something supperficial, skin deep. 

The idea of physical beauty has been warped.  We have focused on features of others instead of the beauty that we possess. 

Our focus of beauty has been consumed by the physical, that we have lost the spiritual and emotional beauty that so many people possess.  These people are not noticed in our society, because it takes more than a moments glance to notice. 

It is time for us, both as Christian and as human beings, to start to notice the real beauty within those ‘silent’ people of beauty. 

God Bless and PEACE



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