Eye Candy

Over dinner, I overheard a group discussing the differences between guys and girls views of the opposite sex.  Most specifically, how one’s looks effect the others attraction to them. 

A little background information:  Aboard the Africa Mercy, the guy-to-girl ratio is about 1:4 (maybe a little less, but it’s a rough estimate).  In this debate, there were 6 girls and 1 guy (who was married to one of the girls) as well as his two children (ages 4ish and 8 months?).  Lets just say, the guy was outnumbered. 

The girls were talking about how, when a group of new guys come onto the ship, they immediately call dibs on them, depending on how they look.  They wanted to know if guys did the same thing.  The guy (who was married and his wife was sitting there beside him) was being very cautious with his words.  It came down to yes, guys do judge attractiveness on first sight. 

Both the guy and the girls agreed that this comes from lust. 

Later in the conversation, one of the girls made the comment that it was OK for girls to look because “we all need a little eye candy.”  This made me think a little bit. 

When girls look at guys, they can make the excuse of looking at ‘eye-candy’, but yet when a guy looks at a girl, they are accused of ‘checking her out’.  Is there a difference between how girls look at guys and how guys look at girls?  I don’t know.  I’m not a girl.  I can only see one side of it. 

The temptation of looking at the physical attractiveness of the opposite sex is Lust.  We tell ourselves, this girl/guy is beautiful, but if she/he had (insert a certain other feature)…  We begin to distort the image of God. 

When we start judging the attractiveness of an individual, are we lusting after them, or what they don’t have?  Are we judging God’s own creation? 

Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE


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