Non-Medical in Medical Missions

Between this year and the past year, I have done Medical Missions here in Africa.  Last year I spent four weeks at the Agule Community Health Center in Eastern Uganda.  This year I am serving aboard the Africa Mercy, a floating hospital currently in Lome, Togo.  Both of these were/are medical missions. 

My medical experiences include the following:  Experiencing Malaria first-hand (I got it).  Being offered the opportunity to put an I.V. in a babies head after the first time of being able to watch (took almost two weeks).  First Aid and CPR training.  Observing cataracts surgery. 

Yup, that’s about it. 

Like me, non-medical personel can participate in Medical Missions.  There are a lot of things that you can do, even if you are not trained to b a nurse, doctor, surgeon, etc. etc. 

There is always a need for photographers.  People to document the experience and the trip.  To tell the story of what is being done. 

There are hundreds of support roles that non-medical people fit right into.  From preparing food to logistics, leadership to manual construction.  Here on the Africa Mercy, a little more than half the volunteers are non-medical personel. 

This means only about 40% (my own estimate, nothing official) of the crew are medically trained as nurses, doctors and surgeons. 

Of those non-medical peoples (myself included) we have all the deck crew, the stewards dept (dinning hall, galley and hospitality included), the security peoples (from the Gurkhas to the reception), then you have all the officers, the communications people (photographers and journalists), PR people and several more people who i have forgotten to mention. 

What I am trying to communicate is the fact that anyone can participate in Medical Missions.  You may not be the face of the mission, but that really doesn’t matter.  Without all the non-medical support, there would be no medical mission.  Don’t be afraid to serve in a medical mission, just because you are not medically trained. 

God Bless and PEACE


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