The Altar of the Church

In the first week I came to the Africa Mercy, I had a dream that disturbed me deeply.  And I continue to think about it each and every day.  I study the images in my mind, analyzing them for meaning.  I ask myself ‘What is God trying to tell me?’  Some of it, I have begun to see answers to, but other parts, I only have more questions. 

I do believe that God was and is trying to tell me something through the jumbled images and thoughts that continue to flow from this experience.  I’m not going to go through every part of the dream, but I just wanted to point out some things and comment on them, or pose some questions that I have come to. 

First, when we try to fit everything into our lives, try  to persue every oppertunity that comes our way, what happens?  When we try to juggle a hundred items at once, and we drop one, what happens?  Everything comes crashing down.  Once the first thing falls through, it sends ripples through our lives, disrupting everything.  Like the planes that crashed in the dream, this is what happens to our lives when we attempt everything. 

So, now is the first warning.  When your life crashes around you, it doesnt just affect you, but it affects everyone around you.  This is something that I have learned from experience, on both sides.  I have gotten burned out before, and I saw how it has affected everyone that I come in contact with.  I have also been on the other side of it. 

Second is my mothers voice, the voice of reason.  Each of us has a voice like this in our minds.  They tell us that following God is too dangerous.  To save ourselves.  To protect yourself.  In following God, we must learn to ignore this voice.  If we listen to it, it will turn us from what God is calling us to do. 

The main thing that I believe God is trying to tell me through this dream is “The Church is burning, and we are doing Nothing.”  In the dream, I walked into the burnt out church, to find hundreds of people living dead lives.  They just sat there, stairing.  At times, this is the body of believers.  Disaster happens around us, but yet we do nothing, “because God hasn’t told us what to do.” 

Little Hint:  sometimes God lets us make our own decisions.  sit there and do nothing, or help out. 

In this church that was there, the front doors were behind the Altar.  But yet, as all the people filed out of the church, they all used the side doors.  God isn’t in the church building.  He is in the world, and within each of us.  We dont give him out lives.  Simple as that.  The body is not living for God. 

We are the sacrifice.  Our lives are the sacrifice.  Our time.  Our strenght.  Out thoughts. 

These are just some of the things that I have noticed from my dream…

God Bless and PEACE


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