Everyday Miracles

Every day, miracles happen aboard the Africa Mercy.  Young girls and women who have been shunned by society walk out with confidence.  Men and women who could not walk take the steps that they thought was never possible.  The blind see. 

This morning I got the opportunity to go down to deck 3 and observe some of the surgeries that happen aboard the Africa Mercy.  I arrived at Operating Rooms 5 and 6 this morning at 9:30 to observe the works of the eye team and the expert hands of Dr. Strauss and Dr. Leavitt.

 The main surgeries that were going on was Cataracts Surgery.  Dr. Russ Leavitt was kind enough to walk me through the procedure as he observed a local eye surgeon in training.  He explained how they cut through the different layers of the eye, then tunneled in to remove the cataracts. 

Each OR room had two beds, so as the surgeons were working on one patient, the next patient was being prepped and the local anaesthesia was administered and took effect. 

 In the other room, Dr. Glenn Strauss alternated between the adult patients and children.  When I first arrived, he was removing the cataracts from a small girl.  While the adults go through the procedure while conscious, the children are put under with general anaesthetics to that they do not squirm. 

The next child that was brough in was a small fourteen year old boy who was having the muscles behind his eyes repaired so that his eyes were not permanently crossed. 

The whole experience was surreal and interesting.  I learned quite a bit between the impromptu lessons about eyes and observing the steady hands of the surgeons.  It was a blessing just being in their presence and being able to watch them work. 

God Bless and PEACE


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