The Best Worst Case Scenario (Why England and the U.S. Tied)

Last night, hundreds of thousands of fans crowded into pubs, bars, living rooms, and theatres to crowd around a television screens and scream at futbol players halfway around the world.   For the couple hundred of us here on the Africa Mercy, we did the same. 

About an hour before the game, people started setting up camp in front of the several televisions here on ship.  I got a good seat decently early, but was soon surrounded by crazy English fans, chearing before the game even started.  They plastered the walls with the St. George’s Cross.  One ‘Brittish fellow’ even brought in the UK and American flags from the International Lounge, dispite the complaints of the other English fans there. 

About a half-hour before the game started, all the Americans and American Fans arrived, faces painted and with an American flag cake.  Although outnumbered about 3 to 1, we stood our ground as the joking and bragging started. 

As the flags were brought out, and the national anthems began, about half the English fans stood and sang/shouted their anthem to the cealing.  So, in response all the American fans stood and sang our national anthem, a little less obnoxiously. 

Dispite England scoring in the first five minutes, we took it all in and let them have it when their goalie missed a relatively simple block. 

At one point (when the US goalie took two cleats to the chest) the lady sitting next to me, a nurse from Scottland, started going on and on about how men who play soccer were just babies.  Fortunately she also went off on English players when they went down and got injured. 

The most memorable part of the gevening was durring half-time, a little girl sitting behind me asked me who i was chearing for, and when i told her, she glared at me, then stated that she didnt like Americans because they caused one of the English players to get a yellow card and that they were all mean.  The following was basically the conversation:

English Girl:  All Americans are mean.

Me:  Are they all mean?

English Girl: [pauses and glares at me]  Not you.  But the rest are!

I though it was hilarious.  Now I have proof that I am not mean, a little English Girl told me so. 

Nobody expected a tie to be the outcome of the game.  But looking back, it is probably the best outcome of the game (well, for the crew of the Africa Mercy anyways).  This way nobody has bragging rights.

If the English had won, the English crew aboard would have been (or be) obnoxious for the next couple weeks (until they were beaten by someone else).  If the Americans had won, we would brag a little bit, but the English would sulk and be grumpy for the next four years (till the next World Cup). 

With the tie, everyone is disappointed that they didnt win, but at the same time, they are happy that the other team didnt win either. 

I think God was just keeping everyone from killing one another on board the Africa Mercy.  That’s my theory on the game. 

God Bless and PEACE


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