Update on Life and the Direction of this Blog

In less than two weeks now, I will be in Lome, Togo with the Africa Mercy, through Mercy Ships.   I fly out on the 31st of this month, and will be working in the dining hall until the middle of September.  I have the finances in order (still short about $2000, aka: the price of the plane ticket back to the states in September) but I trust that God will provide.  I’m trying to stand back and let Him do his thing without trying to take control of everything, its very stressful trusting in God for everything. 

If you want to donate, I have a personal fundraising page provided by Mercy Ships (anything extra that I get will go directly to Mercy Ships and their cause). 

I also had an interview with another organization (which will remain nameless until everything unfolds) about full-time missions for 2+ years.  I’m looking at spending 5-10 years in the mission field, then seeing where God calls me next (be it back to the states for Grad-School, into the wilderness for more missions work, or some other unforseen destination that only God knows). 

Keep that in your prayers and please continue to pray for both me and the numerous doctors and staff personell that will be aboard the Africa Mercy this summer. 

As for this Blog, a couple things are happening with it:

First:  I had an Art Blog that I kept for my drawing class while I was a student at Anderson University.  Well, I graduated and now I will be adding my thoughts on Art to this Blog also.  Since almost all my art is Faith based, It shouldnt be a harsh change. 

Second:  As I head out into the missions field (Mercy Ships this summer and then wherever I am next) I will be updating this blog whenever possible for a number of reasons: 1) to keep people updated on what i’m doing, 2) to let people back home know that I am doing okay and am still alive, 3) to continue to share what God has been teaching me through these experiences, and 4) so that I dont worry my mother too much. 

Third:  I will be uploading some of my photography and artwork to share. 

I hope this doesn’t turn to many people away, but it is the easiest for me, so I’m not sorry about the changes.

God Bless and PEACE


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