Things I’ve Learned

At some point we all must step back and look at where God has brought us.  As I walked across the stage at graduation this morning, I looked back at the four years of living on the campus of Anderson Univeristy and soaking everything in. 

I realized a couple things about the way i have lived and about life in general. 

I no longer say ‘good bye’ because I know that this is not the end.

I no longer view God as just a friend, but I see him in fearful awe and wonder. 

I no longer duck and run, but I rely on God to get me through rough waters.

I have come to realize that family is more than flesh and blood, but it includes all those that we have shared moments of Joy and Sorrow with. 

I have come to consider people not just friends, but brothers and sisters who will stand side by side me and I am proud and honored to do the same. 

I have learned how to Love.  Not a superficial love, but a love that can never be taken away. 

I have learned to trust.  To let go and allow the world to flow. 

I have learned to listen.  To silence myself before God and before others and actually hear them.

I hav e come to realize that I am hesitant.  I have fears.  And I will fail.  But in those failures, God will plant the seeds of success. 

I have come to realize that people are more than you or I give them credit for. 

I now know that following God will never be safe.  And I am Okay with that. 

Just some thoughts….

God Bless and PEACE


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