Organization of the Church

Recently I took part in a six week study of the story of man and God.  While I learned a lot about scripture and the characteristics of God, I learned a lot about the church and the Church. 

In out last meeting, we discussed the organization of the Church. 

The ‘church’ is the embodyment of living for God.  Usually found in groups of 4-5 people, we often refer to these communities as Bible Studies, Small Groups, and Community Groups.  This is the lower-case ‘C’ church.  This would be the church that meet in someone’s house, to eatand pray together. 

When these groups gather, we have the Gatherings, what we in the States call Church.  People gatherin a room to pray together, to worship and sing praises to God, and to bring the needs of the community together.  This would traditionally be the gathering that meets in the city.  This is the least talked about aspect of the church, mainly because it was, and still is, the most dangerous.

All these gatherings, all the believers from all times, this is the Church.  Church with a capital ‘C’.  This is the best example of Christianity, but the hardest to see. 

In the States, we struggle with seeing the Church as a whole, due to denominations, differences and different forms of worship.  We begin to believe that the Church is the gatherings that we attend on Sundays, but it is so much more than a single space or a moment of time. 

Without the small communities (the lower case ‘c’ church) we would not have the Biblical Gatherings. 

Picture it kinda like a terrorist organization:  The members work in cells which are scattered across the globe (communities), but they make up a much larger organization. 

Without these cells and communities of believers, there would be no gatherings, nor would we have a united Church. 

Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE


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