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Four Years Beautiful

Today, I told someone that she was beautiful. 

She stopped and had a confused look about her for a few seconds before she asked what i meant by telling her that she is beautiful.  I personally believe that each and every girl, woman, daughter, wife should be told that she is beautiful at liest once a day, through the way men act and talk.  Sometimes this comes in a simple act of kindness (taking up their tray in the cafeteria, a reassuring smile, an awkward hug) and sometimes through spoken words. 

Why?  Because each and every one of them was made in the image of a holy and perfect God.  Because so many times, men treat them like trash or worse.  Because they need to be reminded of the beauty that they hold inside them before they believe the lie that the world tells them.  Because each and every one of them are beautiful. 

I told her she was beautiful because she was Gods and nothing could take that away.  She smiled before she told me that the last time someone told her she was beautiful was in eighth grade.  She is now a Freshman in college.  The last time someone told her she was beautiful was four years ago.

That breaks my heart.  I believe that breaks God’s heart too. 

So, this is my challenge to all the guys, boys and men:  Make an effort to remind each and every girl and woman that they are beautiful, through your actions and through your words.  Maybe you will remind them of how beautiful they really are before the world makes them believe otherwise. 

God Bless and PEACE


Running with Reckless Abandonment

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to breathe.  Between working towards my Sr. Show in less than a month, trying to stay in touch with friends and worrying about this summer and next year, to often have i forgotten what my heart longs for. 

In our society, we are so often told to chase after money, a good job, a high GPA from a prestigious school, a stable family with your 2.5 children, good standing at our local church/school/whatever.  We run after everything but what matters most. 

What would happen if we actually started running after God and not what society tells us to chase after? 

For most of us, myself included, it is a dangerous concept.  It means that we would have to let go of all control of our lives and handing it over to something so much greater. 

It’s something that I’ve been struggling with for the past couple of months, handing it over to God.  I am freaking out over, and chasing after, my artwork, this summer’s adventure through Mercy Ships, and next year(s) plans. 

Sometimes i am so focused on all of this, i lose focus on God and His plans for me.  Too often i lose focus on what’s important in life.  I know for me, I need to refocus on God, and run after Him with nothing else in mind, with reckless abandonment.

That is my challenge for both myself and for everyone else.  Will you run after God with Reckless Abandonment?

God Bless and PEACE

Mercy Ships Support (Modifed Support Letter)

In the past couple years, God has allowed me to live an adventurous life, serving others on the college campus and out in the world, including the people of Uganda this past summer.  After Graduation, God has given me another opportunity to travel with Mercy Ships’ Africa Mercy this summer, from the beginning of June till the middle of September.

Mercy Ships is a global charity that has operated hospital ships in developing nations since 1978.  Africa Mercy is the 499-foot hospital ship with six operating rooms, intensive care and ward bed space or up to 78 patients that serves up and down the west coast of Africa.  Since February 10, 2010, the Africa Mercy has been docked at Lome, Togo, where it provides medical treatments and community support structure. 

I have the privilege of serving aboard Africa Mercy in the dining hall this summer, rom June 1 till early September, when the ship docks in South Africa for repairs.  I will be spending three and a half months serving the medical staff and other ship personnel.  I am excited to see how God will use this opportunity to teach me how to love and serve others to the best of my abilities. 

I am extremely excited about this opportunity, but I can’t do it alone.  Behind every person in the mission field, there is a strong support team.  First and foremost, I ask that you pray that God moves in both big and small ways through this opportunity.  Please pray for both me and those whose lives will be touched through this adventure.  Pray also for the strength, health and courage of every member aboard Africa Mercy.

Secondly, I ask, i you are able, to support me financially.  For each month, the Crew Fees aboard the ship are $650, plus an additional recommended $150 for personal needs and miscellaneous other expenses.  In addition to this, I also need to raise finances for airfare there and back, another estimated $2,500.  In total, for the three and a half months serving aboard Africa Mercy, I need to raise $5,300.  Any money raised over this amount will give directly to any of Mercy Ships’ needs.

Any size gift you can give will be of great help.  You can donate online at my personal fundraising page through the Mercy Ships website. 

I look forwards to serving aboard Arica Mercy and am excited about returning to Arica this summer!  I look orwards to sharing this adventure with everyone, here on this blog, though I will have limited internet capability while aboard the ship.  Again, I thank you for helping me to persue this oppertunity to serve aboard Mercy Ships.

More information on Mercy Ships can be found at their website.

God Bless and PEACE