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Spineless Men and Empty Souls

I was watching the Super Bowl tonight and realized something really disturbing.  I could have cared less about the game, so instead I was watching the commercials when I noticed something very subtle that has infiltrated our culture. 

In a number of commercials, I noticed the trend that showed the male figure as spineless and submissive.  One that was led around and unable to stand up for themselves.  Men that sacrifice everything that makes them men, just to recieve a small reward. 

Men are supposed to be the leaders.  Men are supposed to stand strong for what they beleive in.  They are supposed to Love dangerously.  Take risks.  Charge into battle.  Wield the weapons and armor of faith. 

Men were not designed to be docile or demesticated, but our society has tried to tame the raw emotions of Love and Adventure that control the hearts and souls of men. 

Some thoughs while watching the big game….

God Bless and PEACE