This Is My Story

If you had the oppertunity to get up on a stage, what story would you tell the world? 

Last night, I recieved the challenge of telling my story, and I began to think.  As i lay, fighting to fall asleep, I began thinking about the direction that i have gone and the direction i wish to go, have felt called to go, and am afraid of going.

Each and every one of us have stories.  There are stories that we tell to make others laugh and cry.  Stories that we tell to prove a point.  And there are stories that we tell to share the Glory of God, shown through our lives.

As i was thinking, i began to ask myself if i was truely focused on God, or if i was pointing out everything that i saw wrong with other peoples faith.  Was i building up the faith, or tearing it down? 

In the next few months, and the following year, my life is going to drastically change, as i graduate from college and get thrust out into the ‘real world’.

I am no theologian.  I am no expert in faith.  But i do have my story.  A story that i want to share, and should share with everyone whom i come in contact with. 

In the next few weeks, the focus of this blog may change.  I came here to share this journey with others, but i began to focus to much on my differences with the religious churches of my Faith. 

I cannot keep going without sharing my story.  It’s who i am. 

Jsut some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE


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