Leaders and Teachers

In the Body of Christ, there are those that are natural leaders.  These are the people who lead others to the Glory and Kingdom of God not through words, but through the way they live out their lives.  Each and every one of us has been called to be a leader. 

But there are a select few who have been given the gift of teaching.  While they are still natural leaders of the Church, these are the people who have been given the talent and gift of focusing words and relaying the truth of God to the flock, the congregation. 

There is a stark difference between leaders and teachers.  I have been called out about my views of leaders in a previous blog entre where I called out people who have spoken out against a pastor of a local mega-church.  I spoke about leaders of the Church and the qualifications of a leader.

I understand that Perry Noble, the Senior Pastor of New Spring, is a charismatic leader of the church.  People follow him with a devotion that I have never seen before.  But I will be quick to caution and ask people, are they following the leader of this church, or are they following the teachings of an extremely talented speaker and natural leader? 

I do not have the gift of speaking, nor do I have the courage needed to stand in front of people and talk.  It’s difficult enough for me to stand in front of my painting class and speak about my artwork during critique, I do not enjoy public speaking.  While I am not a teacher in the church, I have been told, and accept, that i have a natural ability to lead others. 

The trouble about following a leader, is that there is no ‘teaching’ involved.  Yes, you watch the person and examine every aspect of their lives, but there is so much more to Faith.  I can learn how to live through watching how a leader lives, but how much do I really learn if I cannot ask deep spiritual questions about faith?  This is the role of the teacher.

There are so many more leaders than teachers.  I understand what  Simon P. said when he left a comment stating I was “making a HUGE leap in comparing someone who is simply a leader…. and someone who is a pastor (a shepherd if you will.)”

A Pastor must be a teacher.  They cannot be just a great leader, they need to be that and so much more. 

In taking on the role of a Pastor for a church, one must be willing to lead through how they act and they must be humble enough to be a teacher of the faith.  They must have the courage to take on the tough questions and criticisms and answer them through the authority of the Gospel, not distorting it in any way.  They must have the understanding of the Faith, current, past and future.  they must be able to separate out the influences of this world and society and provide the untainted Gospel of Christ. 

Can the young ‘Pastors’ that have popped up through our generation of youth take on this challenge?  Look at how they have responded to criticisms, to rebukes, to heresies, to spiritual warfare, and to attacks in all forms (spiritual, emotional, and physical) and you will see if they are truly able to be Pastors. 

I’m sure they are all amazing Leaders, because if they weren’t they wouldn’t be where they are today.  I’m sure they are gifted with teaching, or the faith would not be passed on to the upcoming generation of believers. 

Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE


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