Thoughts About Being Clean

One of the things that scares me about the church (as in the organized Religion of Christianity) is the fact that people make a big deal about cleansing oneself before going before God. 

One of the places I see it the most is in the Roman Catholic Church.  I’m sure it happens in each and every organized Christian Religion, but this is the one in which I was born and raised.  In the past semester, I have not attended a Catholic Mass, but have been going up to a smaller community church in Greenville. 

The first week home for the holidays, I attended Mass with my family, and was appalled to remember how much ‘purification’ goes on before someone can receive Christ. 

Jesus broke bread with his followers, and in turn his followers broke bread with all believers.  If the call of Christ is “Come, follow me” why has it turned into “Go, clean yourself up, then come back and we’ll see if your actions are good enough to receive me”?

It hit me when the priest told all the people who were here visiting that if they were not Catholic, or were not “clean of heart” than they could not receive the Eucharist.  I understand that the Eucharist is ‘sacred’ (and I hesitate to use that word) in Catholic tradition, but in refusing to share the bread and wine, the body and blood of Christ (different argument for a different time), with other believers, you are putting yourself above others.  Just like the Pharisees did two thousand years ago.

This goes hand in hand with what many Catholics believe and profess, that to earn the mercy of forgiveness, one must do something for God.  Wither it be an act of kindness, a monthly act of service, or reciting a specific prayer there are many who have told me that to be a Christian, you must do these things. 

God called the sick, the sinners, the drunkards, the tax collectors, inviting them in because when they recieved forgiveness, they did so with open hearts.  Then they went and tried to turn their lives around.  To accept the calling of Christ, all one has to do is say yes. 

It is after the acceptance of God into ones heart that the change begins.  It cannot begin before, because at that point, one does not know God.  In living for God, our lives change.  If we are not living for God, then there would be no change. 

We need to break bread with all believers, not just select ones in a specific denomination. 

Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. driver40 Said:

    So true! After trying to clean myself I see now that I really just put spiritual makeup on over my dirty self. I need a cleaning like NO OTHER! Which is why in 6 days I’m going to start a 21 day fast with NO FOOD, only water and juice. I have never done a 21 day fast before but I honest to God need a touch from Him like no other. I posted an AWESOME video on my blog, that is how I need God to show up! Watch it! It will lift you up.

    Thank you for posting-

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