Healthy Evaluations of Faith

For an application for some missionary work, I had to get a physical evaluation at the local medical clinic.  When the doctor came in, he immediately checked off all the boxes, before he even checked out my health, almost as if he didn’t really care. 

I started to think, is this how we, the Body of Christ, treat other believers?  If we don’t open ourselves to inspection, will anyone know how we struggle?  Do we tell ourselves that, because someone accepted Christ, they dont struggle anymore? 

What happens when we allow ourselves to fall into this way of thinking?  On one end, we will never recieve the help we desperately need from community to conquer our stuggles.  On the other, there will not be real communtiy to turn to, just people that believe that others are fine and no one speaks up. 

The point of going into a Physical Evaluation is to make sure we are healthy and that there are no small health problems that may catch us by surprise.  We make sure our bodies are healthy, and we should do the same with our Spirits. 

God Bless and PEACE


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