The Christian Cult of Religion

When Christianity came onto the scene all those years ago, as seen in the book of Acts (right after the Gospel of John), it was a Sect of the major religion of the Jewish people, Judaism.  In essence, it was a cult that was forced underground by the persecution of the Jews and Romans.  Up until the 4th century, it was just a sect of Judaism, a cult of believers that followed in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.  They had faith and they needed nothing more.

Then something changed, that brought the beginning of the fall of the Christian Faith.  With Emperor Constantine I’s Edict of Milan, religious tolerance was issued throughout the Roman Empire and by the end of the century, Christianity was proclaimed the official Religion of the Holy Roman Empire. 

When Christianity went from being Faith that people believed in, to an official Religion, it tore apart what Jesus spent preaching against.  He criticized the Religious leaders of his day (the Pharisees and Sadducees) and the Jewish Religion because they turned their backs on their Faith in God and began following the legalities of the human spirit.  By turning back to Religion, Christianity lost its focus on God (just like the Israelites of the Old Testament) and replaced Him with human ideals. 

From there, the Christian Religion spread with force and the calling of Jesus Christ (aka: Faith) was lost. 

As the years have gone by, we have seen the Religion of Christianity split into many different sects, each one claiming to be the truth through the way they interpret the teachings of Christ and the sacrifice He made for the world, but with each split, the Religion got farther and farther away from the Faith of Jesus Christ. 

After the Protestant Reformation and the spread of Christianity to America, the explosion of denominations in the ‘Protestant’ sect of Christianity gave creation to hundreds of thousands of different, individual Churches and Religions, all with the same misguided goal of finding the correct Christian Religion. 

In recent years, there have been groups of people fleeing the Christianity of Religion and seeking out the raw Christianity of Faith as Followers of Jesus Christ.  On campus’ throughout the United States (and probably the world) you will find groups of students who would rather engage in community and not a church building.  There are communities of believers who have rediscovered the Faith of Christianity and are discipling others, bringing back the practice that was handed down to the disciples by Jesus Christ, who in turn spread the good news of His resurection by discipling and leading others. 

While there are those seeking out Faith, others are running in the thousands to churchs to follow the pastor or leader of the congregation with an infatuation that blinds them of Jesus Christ.  This is the downfall of the Religion of Christianity.  Some people (not all) are flocking to mega-churches and loosing sight of Jesus and replacing him with the human ideals of the church. 

The Religions of Christianity are now becoming cults of individual churchs and leaders, no matter how good their intentions are.  Look at the congregations of churches, people defend their leadership, believing that they (the leadership) can do nothing wrong and any that oppose them (their church) are speaking out against the Body of Christ.  

With this trend going at such a rapid pace, those who are following Faith will soon be out numbered by those following specific ideals of churches and leaders of those churches.  As leaders of the Body of Christ, we are called to do more than stand on street corners, before altars, on soap boxes, or in the crowd and shout the Glory of God.  We are called to disciple and spread the Faith of Jesus Christ, standing before the gates of Hell itself and go unflinching before inspection.   

Christianity is more than a Religion, a church building that we attend every Sunday (or if we are really holy, on Wed. also).  Christianity is a way of Life.  A Faith in the unseen.  And a Love that will capture hearts.

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. Christian Said:

    It has been noted that if Joseph Smith had not been lynched by an angry mob in Illinois his fledgling Mormon Religion would have died out. Christian

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