What makes one a Pastor?

After certain events have happened (read for yourself) between the leadership of NewSpring and James Duncan, i noticed a couple of comments about the leadership of not just this Mega-Church, but Christian Leaders around the world.

As it was pointed out to me, Perry Noble, the head leader and Senior Pastor of NewSpring, never went to Seminary.  Does this discredit him as a leader of the church? 

What about all the other leaders of the Body of Christ?  Do they all need to spend 2-4 years of their life studying the Word of God at a Seminary just to get a slip of paper? 

Do leaders need to be the ones that possess the most knowledge?  Or can argue the best?

If so, then i am no leader.  Nor are over half the leaders on the Campus of Anderson University. 

Leaders are people we look up to, because they live their lives in a higher standard.  I look around campus and see a bunch of leaders who dont just sit around and argue the text of the Bible, but they LIVE it out.  Their lives are filled with joy and chaos because they have made a commitment to God that they will Love Him and Serve Him with everything they are. 

People look up to them because they know that they dont know everything, but they are stiving to learn it by living it out.  Yes, some of them could spout out scripture and fill the room with a bunch of words, but instead they will sit there and engage the person in converstation, and lead them through what it really means. 

Pastors and Leaders of the Body of Christ should be the ones who LOVE the most.  I was once told that to be a leader, you need to be the one in the group who loves the most and will sacrifice the most. 

We need to redefine what it takes to be a leader of the Body of Christ if we are telling people that they need to have gone to Seminary or Bible School.

Just a thought…

God Bless and PEACE



  1. Simon P. Said:

    While I understand your comments that leaders not necessarily be qualified or the most wise in their subject, I believe you are making a HUGE leap in comparing someone who is simply a leader…. and someone who is a pastor (a shepherd if you will.)

    A pastor must be spiritually qualified to lead his church, defend his church, and care for his flock all the time being a conduit for the grace of God (notice I said conduit, not that he can give grace.) I believe that if someone feels compelled to pastor (again I believe that leading and pastoring can not and should not be used as one and the same) then they are going to want to do everything it takes to make sure they are the most prepared that they can possibly be in this area. This may not mean seminary. It may mean studying under a qualified pastor for years. There are multiple examples that can be used in which the knowledge is handed down or attained.

    I must profess that if you hold your pastor to no Biblical standard then you are doing yourself a disservice. Any one can (and many will) just stand up and preach falsehoods and untruths. Let’s use a standard example: If I were the lead accountant for an accounting group and I had just one day decided…. hey…. i want to be an accountant….how seriously would you take me or how much would you respect my judgement on critical issues? If you think that through and it doesn’t SCARE you that you are holding your pastor to a lesser standard……… wow.

    • stkerr Said:

      When i say leaders, i’m talking about all the leaders of the Body of Christ. This includes Pastors, Bible Study leaders, they random guy that everyone goes to for help, etc. etc. There are shepherds on the campus of Anderson University, people leading others to Christ through relationships and love. Leaders become leaders of the Church (Pastors if you will) when the Spirit moves through them.

      Yes, ‘Pastors’ should be held to the Biblical standard of Truth. Anyone who leads the Body of Christ in any way should be held to this same standard, no matter how big or small their ‘flock’.

      What i was trying to say is that to try to discredit the Spirit of God moving through someone because they havn’t studied the Bible enough, or never went to Seminary is like saying God can’t do this (whatever ‘this’ is).

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