Don’t Know Where To Start…

Early this morning (ok, at lunch) I heard rumors about possible conflicts between a well known professor and a local mega-church.  While not one to listen to rumors, when it comes from solid guys that usually know what’s going on, I listened.  Not wanting just to take their word for it, and mostly so I could not say that I heard it from someone who heard it from _______, I started to investigate.

While I had heard it from a good friend, they pointed me to another really solid guy who has a good head on his soulders (and had links to both statements of the parties).  I agree with Micah, that we should consider all the facts, and respect the people involved by looking at all the details. 

Before you go out and start slinging insults and mud at either party, you must see both sides of the issue.  NewSpring, a local Mega-Church in the area, made a public announcement and then James Duncan, a well liked and respectable professor on campus, replied with all the facts. 

While i have never personally met James Duncan, I have read many of his blogs and have had good friends take his class and enjoy him as both a teacher and a person.  I may not agree with everything that he writes in his blog, but he has solid teaching backed by scripture.

I have attended NewSpring once, and did not feel comfortable there, not because of the teachings or the way they acted, but because of the sheer size of the congregation.  I have many friends that attend on a regular basis, and I will not speak out against the people that attend, because they are friends and brothers and sisters.

It scares me that something like this would happen in the Church of Christ.  As leaders, we need to be aware of what our ‘flock’ is doing.  Ignorance is not an excuse. 

I do hope that all those that are involved pray and seek the advice of Christ.  My prayers are with James Duncan and his family, that healing will come to this situation.  I pray also for NewSpring and for the Church and all its leaders, that they may act as Christ to the world. 

God Bless and PEACE


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