Unconditional Love

In the past couple weeks i’ve been struggling with the concept of Unconditional Love.  A Love that, no matter what happens, will always be there.  We may not want it, or feel like we deserve it, but it is given freely to us because God is who He is. 

Part of my struggle has been with certain people.  Situations come up where i feel like it would be much easier to turn and walk away from certain people all together, hating them for what they have done, but because of God’s example of Love towards us, i cannot consciously not love them. 

God has called us not only to live among this world, but he calls us to live above it, with standards that exceed the worlds expectations.  In this He calls us to Love those who are difficult to love, our enemies, our friends, our roommates, strangers, outcasts, criminals with the same unconditional love that he showed to us when he died upon the cross. 

When it becomes difficult to Love, do so anyways.  Be kind and compassionate to all those you encounter.  Dont try to find loopholes around loving, because in the teaching of Jesus, there are none. 

God Bless and PEACE


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