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Misunderstood Grace

I feel that in our culture, the American society, we often miss the meaning of Grace.  We dont understand it in the first place. 

Our culture tells us that to recieve, you must first give.  And when you give, give sparingly, not a penny more.  If someone attacks you, attack them back. 

As a child i was told by my father that if someone hits me, i have the right to hit them back, twice as hard.  But then in the Gospels, Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek. 

Often times in churches, we see people looked down upon.  The prostitute.  The lawer that did his job.  The girl that is now pregnant.  The drug addict.  The outcast.  The divorced. 

To many times ‘Christians’ (myself included) have lost the element of Grace.  In many circles, to recieve the grace of God, you must first do this, that and something else.  To be recieve, you must first give.

Grace is more powerful than that.  If we each had to be perfect before recieving the grace of God, each and every one of us would fail.  No one would be able to recieve grace because we are human. 

The beautiful thing about Grace is the fact that it is freely given to each and every single one of us.  It doesnt matter how we failed in the past, God sees through that, He knows that, but He loves us anyways.  He loves us just the way we are, using us to glorify his name. 

As the church, we need to start giving grace, just like we recieved it, unconditionally.  Look past the failures of sin and see the Child of God within each and every person you meet. 

In giving Grace unconditionally, we will learn to Love unconditionally.

God Bless and PEACE


When the World Tells Us No…

This past week at Radius, Stuart shared this amazing story with us.  It is awe inspiring and is a perfect example of the Disciples.  The world looked at these fisher men, tax collectors, and young men and told them they didnt have a chance, but God seeked after them, calling them into the ministry of the Good News. 

God has called all of us to Himself.  Not just the good parts, but the broken lives of sinfulness.  He wants us, no matter how ‘bad’ the world tells us we are.  He wants to use our faults to do great and amazing things through His power, because you and i both know we cannot do this on our own free will.

Think about this story and how it relates to you.

God Bless and PEACE

The Words We Use

“But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for the Lord’s people.  Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving.  For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person – such a person is an idolater – has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.”

Ephesians 5:3-5

If someone outside of our group of friends were to listen in on our conversations, what would they hear?  How would they view us differently after hearing how we talk to one another?  I know that here on a Christian campus, people would be appalled.  I am appalled at how we talk to one another. 

How many times, when we think it is just our little group of friends, do we make lewd comments, sexual referances or racial remarks?  How many times do we jokingly talk about eachother, not realizing how much it actually hurts?

In the Church, the body of believers, we need to rise above this type of talk.  We need to be pure in both thought and action.  We cannot tell ourselves that other people will understand when they dont know who we really are or what the Church looks like. 

What they here is us joking around.  And that is their perception of the Body of Christ, the Church. 

We, me included, need to clean up how we talk to one another, how we act towards eachother, and how we Love others around us. 

My challenge to the Church, the Body of Christ, all believers, is to listen to Paul’s words. 

God Bless and PEACE

In Throwing Out Tradition…

Recently i was Baptised (my thoughts on baptism and my reasons why are comming at a latur date).  Since then, i have had a couple people ask me, “Well, arn’t you a Catholic?”  No. 

I can no longer call myself a Catholic.  Just as i cannot call myself a Baptist, or Lutheran, or any of the hundreds of denominations out there.  I am Christian, nothing more, nothing less. 

When i told my old suite mate this, he looked at me and blatantly stated that i had joined the “Emergent Church”.  Unfortunately (or Fortunately, however you want to look at it) I had no clue in what he was talking about.  To this point, i really hadnt done research on the Emergent Movement of the modern day church. 

In looking briefly at the Emergent Church, i see a few (very few) similarities with my own philosophy of the church.  Definitions are similar, but not the same. 

Traditions are important to the church (Religion and the Community of Believers), so when we start throwing out traditions, are we throwing out God and only choosing to keep what we like?  It is alright to question, but seek the truth, not what you want to believe. 

The truth can only be found through God.  Through Faith. 

I still have yet to fully comprehend what it means to be a Christian, and part of me hopes never to find all the answers, so that i continue to grow in a relationship with God.  If i stop questioning, and stop finding answers (even if they are more questions) then i will stop growing closer to God. 

Just some thoughts on tradition…

God Bless and PEACE