Why the Oaks Fall

Last night, out on the front lawn of campus (the “Sacred Six”) one of the giant Oak trees toppled over, almost taking out the Anderson Arch and landing on the brick wall.  Upon closer inspection this morning, i noticed that the whole base and root system was rotted away.  Combine that with the months of dry weather and then the sudden downfall of rain in the past weeks, you got a perfect situation to bring down a massive behemoth of a tree.

As it was pointed out to me, this happens to more than just trees, but to Christians and people around the world. 

On the outside we can look strong and solid, but if are not rooted in Truth (in Christ) then we are rotting inside.  Unless someone were to crack us open or inspect deeper than the surface, they would never know how broken we have become.

If we do not cut out the doubt from our lives, but continue to allow the rotting to spread, then it will consume everything inside of us, causing our foundations to crack and desolve into nothing.

In time we will topple over by the weight of life if we do not have a solid foundation or truth in our lives.  With the elements of society, questions, friends, relationships, and natural elements of life, we will come crashing down sooner.

I urge everyone to look at the foundations of our faith (if it is Christian based or not) and inspect the inner working of the mind, testing for any weakness or any doubt.  Make sure you are not rotting from the inside out.

Take the lesson from the Oak trees and dont let yourself rot away.

God Bless and PEACE

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