What type of Light are you?

Tonight at FCA, Doc got up and shared part of his testemony with us.  As he was leaving the stage, he gave us a challenge that i pass on to you.

We are the light of the world.  As Christians, we need to shine out in our lives.  But light is useless when in the presence of other light.  Light is only helpful when one steps out into the darkness. 

In our walks with the Lord, are we trying to outshine everyone else?  Do we try to out-prove ourselves when we are only a vessel for God’s unending Love?  If we surround ourselves with only other Christians, our light to the world is useless. 

Doc asked us what type of light we are.

Are we a Refrigerator Light, only coming on when we open up to people and let them explore who we really are?

Are we a Streetlamp, a light that only turns on in a part of the day, in the darkest hours?

Are we a Turn Signal, showing others the way to go, but never going ourselves? 

Are we a Dim light, one that is close to burning out because we tried to outshine everyone else?

Are we Candle Light, that, at the first instant of trouble, go out and leave others in the darkness? 

Are we a Spotlight, searching out the lost in the darkness, so that they may find there way home?

What type of light are you?

God Bless and PEACE

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